Talent CRM

Talent CRM

Talent Pools/ Classifications

Build your talent network and keep track of your most promising talent over time. Classify/ measure/ filter the talent as per need.

Engage/ Communicate

Send targeted communications through customized email/ SMS templates for each prospect pool. Track all engagements on candidate's timeline.

Find/ Filter Talent

Cultivate the outstanding talent in your database and easily find/ filter/ search them on various key criteria when needed.

Hiring Pipeline

Create custom Hiring Pipeline for key positions. Engage candidates and hire to your satisfaction.

Rich Candidate Profile

View every interaction, notes and applications for a holistic understanding of each person's hiring lifecycle.

Pre Screen Candidates

Prescreen/ Screen your candidates automatically with your custom online assessments designed for different levels of interviews.

Custom Scorecards

Create custom scorecards for interviewers and leave less room for bias and guesswork. Heighten your chance of making a long-term hire.

Interview Kits

Create structured evaluation process and ensure that every candidate is assessed accurately and consistently.